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Your Summer Skin Care Routine and Essentials

Essentials For Your Summer Skin Care Routine

Jun 08, 2022

Summer is in full swing and that means sun, salt, and sipping tropical cocktails waterside. With all that fun, it’s so important to maintain your skin care routine. As you age, you may grow wiser, but you also develop premature skin aging if you’re not intentional about your skincare. Preventing damage from harmful UV rays is a big responsibility, but with some pro-tips from the right resources, there's no doubt that your routine will feel a little more reachable. 

We looked to our expert community of aestheticians, estheticians, and other skin care experts for their top summer skin care advice! These pearls of wisdom will ensure you’re protecting one of your most valuable assets while you’re having your fun in the sun.

Summer Skin Care Tips From The Pros

We know that the sun can accelerate a myriad of health-related concerns. We also know that there’s no way to avoid sun exposure entirely, especially during your favorite months of the year.

Whether summer turns you into a beach bum, or you’re living your best life shopping at the outlets, managing the health of your skin is extra critical during the hot and sunny months! Along with the classics like wearing a sunhat out in the garden, there are a few extra steps that close the gap between safe and unsafe outdoor exposure.


More than Vitamin sea

“Apply your Vit C Serums, this will help to neutralize sun and free radical damage keeping your skin glowing all summer. 

Get a hydrating facial. Salt from the beach and chemicals from the pool can be harsh and drying to your skin. A nice calming facial can help to lock in moisture and leave your skin glowing.”

Nichole Lancaster | VLine Women


Stay hydrated my friends!

“Stay hydrated my friends!:  Hydration is essential for beautiful skin. Just like H2O keeps you hydrated on the inside, products with plumping ingredients like hyaluronic acid serums will keep your parched summer skin plump and moisturized on the outside.”

Ashley LeDoux | Luxe Aesthetics


Pucker up, gorgeous!

“Our lips are one of the most forgotten areas of our face, yet are the most susceptible to the elements. Sun damage can speed up the aging process of the lips, making it thinner and even worse, could potentially lead to cancer. Simply put, wear a lip SPF every day!”

Judit Galambosi | JE’DERM skin atelier 


UV come along way, baby!

“UV rays damage your skin, even when the sun isn’t shining! My advice is to wear sunscreen everyday!  Long term exposure to the sun rays can cause discoloration also known as sun spots and even blackheads.”

Janelle Rabinowitz | Renewal Skin Studio


You had me at pillow.

“To avoid breakouts on the skin in the summer I suggest changing your sheets more often. The sheets hold all of the sunscreen and oils and sweat that are on your body during the day. It is important to change your pillow case every few days to avoid breakouts. Pillowcases carry more bacteria than a toilet seat!”

Allison Tray l Tres Belle Spa


Say No To Chaffing!

“Avoid the unspoken downside of summer: chaffing. For chafing woes, I swear by powders! Look for talc-free products, such as corn starch and tapioca starch, which are less problematic than talc and often used as the base in a lot of consciously-made baby products. Powders keep a smooth moisture-absorbing barrier between areas of skin prone to friction (because hello summer thigh rub!).”

Jennifer Gallegos | International Orange 

Cleanse twice a day

“Cleansing your skin with a gentle cleanser twice a day is especially important during the summertime, as this will help you keep sweat, excess oil, and bacteria overgrowth at bay and avoid those pesky breakouts that tend to occur during this season.”

Simone Sydel | The Skincare Culture


Always Go Full Spectrum

“I recommend full spectrum sun protection to my clients that include antioxidants like Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Ferulic which protect against aging UVA rays and can also be used post sunburn to help the skin heal faster.”

Sherry Okamura | Urbaca Salon

Avoid Neglecting Your Skin Care During Summer

Summer is all about those carefree vibes and cool, breezy nights. We spend some of our best moments of the year in the middle of June and July, and having a blast with our friends and family doesn’t have to stop. 

We’re here for all of it, especially getting out on the water. You can totally enjoy your day to day in the summer heat while protecting, not neglecting, your skin care routine! So whether you’re tossing the kids in the RV for a trip to the water park or spending your days lakeside or oceanside, be mindful of how the sun, heat, and extra oils can effect your skin.

Have a skin care tip we didn’t cover? Be sure to leave it in the comments!


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