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The Waxing Guide is the ultimate in Waxing training from Licensed Esthetician & Waxing Industry Pro, Kirsten Goetzelman.

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Learn the Secrets to Becoming A High Demand Esthetician

Whether you're new to the world of esthetics, or are looking to advance your skills, The Waxing Guide was made to take your waxing game to the next level.

Accelerate Your Service Time

Get the most out of your client's time––and yours––by kicking your service into overdrive.

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Make More Money

Happier customers, more efficient appointments, and a better experience equals more money in your pocket. 

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Perfect The Client Experience

Want clients to sing your praises to all of their friends and fill up your book? I'll show you how.

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Wax on, Esthie 

Kirsten, here. I've dedicated my life to teaching estheticians the insights and tricks used by the best waxers in the biz. 


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Get Turn-Key Waxing Education

Hard & Soft Wax

Learn the ins-and-outs of waxing using both hard and soft wax. You'll get educational and training videos including wax temperature, how to hold the stick and positioning.

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Various Ethnicities & Body Types

Master waxing various body types and ethnicities, learning techniques required to provide the best, most comfortable experience.

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Pre & Post Care

Educating your customers on how to care for their skin ensures a positive experience. Dive into the verbiage between esthetician and client, skin conditions & more.

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What can you expect from The Waxing Guide?

The Waxing Guide is the result of years of experience and wisdom gained from the best licensed estheticians in the business.

Expert Techniques & Wisdom

Learn professional techniques from the industries leading waxers. 

High Quality Video

A professionally produced pro training that is beautiful, engaging and educational.

A Complete Training

The Waxing Guide was designed to be a complete solution to learn professional waxing techniques.

The Waxing Guide


The Complete Brazilian Guide

  • Lifetime Access
  • 4 Brazilian Models

  • 4 Ethnicities & Body Types

  • Hard & Soft Wax Training

  • How to lay wax and wax stick education

  • Pre and Post Care

  • Skin Reactions

  • Verbiage Between Esthetician and Client During a Wax

  • 15 Minute Brazilian
  • Common Q&A's Clients Have During a Brazilian

  • Podcast Recommendations for post learning
  • Certificate of Completion

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Let us show you the secrets the pros use to keep their books filled and create raving fans.

Erica H

"As for the guide, it’s been amazing. McKenzie is a fantastic hard wax teacher, she really is."


Mikailah Ekhoff

"I highly recommend this guide to anyone wanting more education on Brazilians or waxing in general."


Jasmine High

"I’m now so much more confident in my ability to provide this service and I got great overall waxing advice."


Savannah Grizzaffe

There isn’t anything on the market like this for continued education, let alone wax education as a whole! 

Erica B

This guide makes me feel 10x more confident, even with experience at EWC, in opening my business.

Ashley Meltcher

Can I just say WOW. As an esthetics instructor and hard wax user this course is so well crafted.

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